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Organic botanicals & high-potency CBD

Plant-based, multi-use, non-conforming, pain-dissolving, barrier-bending, pleasure potions.



  • Lara Parker

    "I can't recommend TOCA enough. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to CBD intimate oil, and I feel quite confident saying that TOCA is one of the best. I don't just use it during intimacy, though, I also use it daily on my vulva for extra TLC and love. As someone who lives with chronic pelvic pain/ painful sex/ and endometriosis, TOCA has relieved many of these symptoms for me and made my orgasms better. What more could you ask for, really?"

  • J. S.

    "I've tried many intimate oils before this one but, this is by far the most enjoyable to use. This intimate oil tastes great, feels exceptionally good for both me and my partner and can really go the distance. As someone who is sensitive to many different types of chemicals and additives, this intimate oil is perfect for me due to the natural ingredients. So do yourself and whoever you're playing with a favor and buy this oil!"

  • S. A.

    "I just applied the oil for the first time and I could cry, I am so happy! After the past two years, I’ve gotten so accustomed to having vaginal pain I assumed that I didn’t have any unless certain internal spots had pressure put on them. After applying the TOTO intimate oil, I have realized that I was wrong and this is how my vagina should feel on a regular basis. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit or stand without feeling vaginal pain or discomfort, that I didn’t realize I was even feeling because I had grown accustomed to it."

  • "They engorge with blood and become hot, swollen, deeper in color, and very sensitive to the touch when aroused."

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  • "Toca has a higher concentration of CBD than the more well-known Foria brand: 200 mg per 1oz of TOCA lubricant versus 200 mg per 4oz of Foria."

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  • "CBD lubes work great for women with general pain due to 'provoked vestibulodynia'..."

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  • "TOCA’s (Spanish for touch) plant-based lube and oils are perfect for stimulating, warming, and aiding in sexual pleasure."

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