Hemp-Based Botanical Health Products

We make products combining Hemp Extract with other powerful botanicals that are organic, high quality and designed for all your erogenous zones. 


Our products are enthusiastically affirming of all peoples, bodies, sexualities and genders. We believe in safe, healthy, consensual expressions of pleasure, desire and play.


30ml/1oz  |  Lube For the Vulva  |  Organic


30ml/1oz  |  Lube For the Culo  |  Organic

“I’ve tried many lubes before this one but, this is by far the most enjoyable to use. This lube tastes great, feels exceptionally good for both me and my partner and can really go the distance. As someone who is sensitive to many different types of chemicals and additives, this lube is perfect for me due to the natural ingredients. So do yourself and whoever you’re playing with a favor and buy this lube!”


“Finally a lube that is infused with botanicals that helps to heal old residues and creates space for fun light sensual play. I feel lighter and more connected to both myself and my partner. “

M. G.

“Slidey, not greasy. Sweet, but not sugary. Sensual, not skanky. It feels, tastes, and smells wonderful. This is my new favorite lube by far! Get some and then go out and get some!”

C. A.

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