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30ml/1oz | Oil For the Culo | Organic | CBD 200mg

Designed for anal use, this lube focuses on warming and opening, and creates a stimulating experience for extended pleasure and release. This lube can prevent inflammation and irritation of tissues and help with softening and relaxing the tissue.

Qulo is a botanical sex lube designed for all bodies and expressions. It is designed with anal sex/play in mind but is great for all types of genitalia. We recommend trying TOTO and QULO and seeing which you like best, combining them, or alternating for whatever you feel like that day!
Qulo is softening, warming and opening, while creating silky lubrication. It can also help if there is any inflammation, soreness or pain during foreplay or penetration. 
Qulo is safe to ingest orally and great for oral and anal sex, and also safe to use on silicone or plastic sex toys.
Not to be used with any latex, will degrade condoms and potentially make them ineffective.
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