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May Botanical Hero: Clary Sage

Spring Fever Detox: making space for Summer

May's recipe is for a Clary Sage & Carnelian spray that helps revitalize the energy in stagnant spaces.

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We’ve been working up to this and now we are officially here in full on, glorious SPRINGTIME. There’s no denying it. All the skin is coming out, people are flaunting and strutting and feeling that sweet, sweet sun on their skin. And for the month of joyous May, we have a bright, glowy, sparkly plant hero to so help you embrace this season with gusto.

Have you ever just gone and dipped your head into cold water before even touching it and gotten a blast of clarity and aliveness unlike anything else in the world? Have you placed an aromatic plant under your nose with your eyes closed and remembered a time that you hadn’t thought about in years? This state, this feeling, is our plant friend Clary Sage. It’s a mix between that amazing pucker of a lemon and the rich fullness of honey on your tongue. Clary Sage is aptly named, the clarifier.

“Clary Sage is an open window on a clear, bright day. Clary Sage is the feeling of newness when you step out of water with droplets on your eyelashes. Clary Sage is a naked tumble in the fresh snow after a sauna. Clary Sage allows us to feel awake and alive and ready for what is to come. They help remove the obstacles and thickness from decisions, from making change, from becoming new.”

(From The Dirt Gems Botanical Tarot Deck, written by Anne Louise Burdett)

For may, we are offering up a recipe for a clarifying spray — an intoxicating smell that bursts through stagnancy. This can be used as spray for a room or space, any objects including your bed if you wish, or as a perfume for your person as well . But ultimately, the idea behind this recipe is to harness the refreshing, awakening power of Clary Sage to help clear out old, stuck, stagnant unwanted energies in your space, and to make space and give welcome to all the beautiful, effervescent possibilities that come with Summer!

THE RECIPE: Clary Sage & Carnelian Spray

As usual with any recipe we offer, you can always adjust to your own taste and add things that you love that we may not mention.

What you'll need

  • A small spray bottle

  • Alcohol, we recommend vodka as it is very neutral

  • Distilled or filtered water

  • 9 drops Essential oil of Clary Sage

  • 5 drops Essential oil of Rosemary

  • 5 drops Essential oil of Vetiver

  • 3 drops Flower essence of (we will teach you how to make flower essences soon if you don’t know already, leave this out if you need to)

  • Carnelian crystal

What to do

Start by soaking your carnelian crystal in distilled or filtered water, enough to cover it. Let it sit overnight, ideally under the moonlight.

The next day, fill your bottle with half alcohol and half carnelian water leaving tiny bit of room at the top for the other ingredients. Combine all the ingredients and shake. It’s that simple.

How to use

Now to use your spray, start by selecting the first place that you need to cleanse. Let’s say it's your bed and the space around your bed.

Walk around the first designated space while spraying and moving your arms, swaying your torso, being the breeze through your window. If you're familiar with sage smudging, this is similar. Reach over and around your bed sweeping your arms like a broom, spraying as you move your arms, feeling the energy rise and move out. See yourself cleaning the energetic dust and debris out of your space with your body and shake and snap your hands to let it all go. Know that it does not cling to you, and that you choose to move it out.

Once you have done a few rounds of this, feeling the new space, the freshness, the newness, spray your room spray in the entire area where you have been moving. Spray yourself. Let the scent of these plants sink into your system, let it gently rest on your skin, on your sheets, in your space and see it clarifying, cleansing and holding a safe container for you to be open, and to let all your new opportunities, creativities and desires flood in.

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