The Plant Magic of our Botanical Intimate Oils: GINGER

The Plant Magic of our Botanical Intimate Oils: GINGER

A monthly profile of the pleasure plants that make our botanical intimate oils so magical

Botanical intimate oil is power and knowledge

Botanical intimate oils, or sex oil, plays on the power and knowledge of plants. It emphasizes the innate connection between humans and nature, pleasure and balance. The ginger in our botanical lube is an invitation for heat and movement.

Ginger is: Warming

Ginger sizzles. Ginger is hot in a releasing, dispersing, smoothing out, laying clean sort of way. Ginger wrings you out and leaves you soft. Ginger is fiery, and yet it knows its relationship to water, to moisture, to the oceany tissue of our bodies. It knows how to eloquently guide this conversation to a fulfilling promise. Ginger wants to work with you.

Ginger is a heat-loving, sticky-humid-thick-air plant that shows us what it means to be unafraid to stand tall, to leave behind what we do not want, to let the heat in and breathe out flames of who we are. Ginger says, I am here, and I like it.


Ginger is as ancient as it is wise. Ayurvedic medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices have called on ginger’s medicine for thousands of years. One classic combination is to eat Ginger with Tumeric and Black Pepper to increase your erotic desire. Ginger is in TOCA’s botanical lube* and pleasure potions to harness this call on erotic desire.

Ginger will strip down the layers of cold, collected debris that make the work of our bodies murky and slow. Ginger will print your name clearly on the skies of your desires. Ginger does not hold back — when you are visited by ginger, you know.

ginger in botanical lube


Ginger is a loosener, a lightening agent, a bright force for good in the landscape of our momentum. It lets us move forward and tempers inflamed and resource-consuming tissues. It melts the grasp of sticky thoughts and ideas that hold us back. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory superhero — it is one of the pain-relieving agents in our botanical lube compositions.


Ginger is a sensual plant. Ginger ignites, steams, sticks, and swims in the warm moisture of it all. Ginger says, Come forward, come to me. It allows things to melt, move, warm, and open. It is a friend of passion and an ally in building sexual energy that can circulate with force through the body, the atmosphere, and the big hot world. Ginger makes you sweat.

Pleasure potion

Ginger is in the base formula for all three of our botanical lubes – our pleasure potions – because it is all about making sex more pleasurable, lasting, sensitive, less painful, and less restricted. Ginger will lower heat in inflamed tissues, and allow for healthier blood flow in the pelvis, fuller more satisfying engorgement of erectile tissue, and better natural lubrication. Ginger releases tension and opens and relaxes erogenous tissue. Infused ginger oil is amazing for stiff or sore muscles, for tender breasts or menstrual pain, for pelvic congestion and tightness. In our botanical lube, ginger is a partner in setting the stage for sensual and prolonged pleasure play.

Ginger. A fecund, fertile, juicy plant that is a friend to sex and sexual health. Embrace Ginger, embrace the heat. Let TOCA’s botanical lubes help you embrace pleasure.


*TOCA's pleasure potions are botanical oils that help lubricate intimate moments by yourself or with a partner. They are safe to ingest orally and great for oral sex and is also safe to use on silicone or plastic sex toys.

*Not to be used with any latex. Oil-based botanical lubes can degrade condoms and potentially make them ineffective.
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