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Why CBD Lube? What is it and How it Helps With Your Pleasure

5 reasons why we decided to make CBD sex lube

CBD lube is a pretty niche product, garnering a lot of new attention. We have received a lot of questions and messages asking “Why should I use lube?” “What is CBD helpful for?” and of course, “Why CBD lube?” So we have decided to write a quick guide for you, highlighting some facts and information about CBD and why we decided to incorporate it in our botanically formulated lubes.

First, what is lube?

Though it sounds like an obvious question, there is space for confusion. Lube is any product used to increase slipperyness and wetness, primarily on the genitalia during sex, often in a gel or oil base. However, the FDA has very strict rules and regulations about what can be labeled as such. TOCA has lube properties but we label our products as sex oils.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is one of the main active constituents derived from the cannabis plant. THC is the other most well known cannabinoid in cannabis. When we talk about CBD, we are referring to two things:
  1. Derived from the hemp plant
  2. The chemical Cannabidiol, rather than THC (the stuff that makes you high). You can have different ratios of THC to CBD in different products and cannabis flower, but in order to be federally legal for sale (which TOCA is) you must have under 0.3% THC
One of the reasons cannabis is so important to human health is because we have cannabinoid receptors all throughout our bodies and they are very essential to our sense of wellbeing, safety, and balance (homeostasis). Cannabis has a wide array of medicinal benefits and impacts people in very different ways. It has an ancient role in native and indigenous practices, and now the medical industry is starting to study its benefits. What we have learned over the years is that cannabis can be a very useful tool in sexual health and can have a lasting positive impact on your sex life.

Why we use CBD in our TOCA Pleasure Potions

#1. We believe pleasure and desire should be the driving forces behind everything that we do.

Pleasure is tantamount to wellbeing. Do you enjoy your life? Do you value your work? Do you notice when your food tastes good or when you hear a beautiful sound? Do you find ways to do things you like every single day, even in the smallest ways? For us, creating a CBD lube has been a devotional act, a commitment to bringing pleasure to life and a dedication to spreading that as far and wide as possible. We don’t all have the luxury to do work that we love, or to spend tons of time on self-care and acts of pleasure, but we can all find pleasure in our lives and we can make that the foundation for the choices we make in life. CBD Lube is one product that can almost certainly increase your pleasure in life. Our particular pleasure potions can be a tool for prolonging foreplay and pleasure, allowing for experimentation, an aid for period discomfort, a reduction in pain during sex, eliminating vaginal dryness, increasing sensation, enhanced emotional connection and relaxation. There is pleasure to be had and we want you to have all of it.

#2. Lube makes sex better, and CBD lube makes sex even better.

The world is catching on to the realization that the use of lubricant during sex makes sex better. Whether or not your body produces a lot of natural lubricant, using lube during sex can allow for prolonged foreplay and sex, anal play and penetration, experimental sex with toys, BDSM and kink, and simply experiencing more pleasure, less friction and intensified orgasm. Incorporating lube with sex eliminates the potential stress of worrying about your body or a partner’s body’s capability of producing lubrication. By eliminating that stress, you’re just left with unlimited pleasure potential. Now add CBD to the mix with all its benefits and you are doubling down.

#3. Cannabis communicates with the body’ own receptors and can help sexual dysfunction and eliminate pain and inflammation.

Cannabis interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system. It impacts our pain receptors, both bringing down the pain itself and reducing the signaling to our body that it hurts, making us feel less aware of the pain. Cannabis also interrupts our inflammatory responses, and thus encourages healthy blood flow and engorgement of our erectile tissues. Our CBD Lube has cannabis, but also an array of other medicinal plants that are working on these levels as well:
  • Ginger
  • Helichrysum
  • Peppermint
  • Clary Sage
  • Cardamom, and more
Because our products are focused not only on CBD but also on the relationships between all the other chemicals in hemp and the medicinal formulation of plants we have chosen, it helps your tissues to relax and open, diminishes or eliminates pain and injury, and potentiates the impact of each individual plant’s properties into a much more powerful formula for pleasure.

#4. Sexual health and sexual vitality are underserved elements of our bodies, culture and sense of wellbeing.

We want to be on the forefront of sex positive, gender fluid, sexuality education and resource sharing. TOCA sex oils are a testament to that. Our work is focused on not only bringing you products that you love that can dramatically change your sex life, but also on creating relationships, community and collective wellbeing as part of our work and our offerings.

#5. CBD and lube are a match made in heaven

Cannabis is a fat soluble plant that is best used in an oil base, making our sex oils highly bioavailable. Additionally, the mucosa of vaginal and anal tissue are some of the most receptive and sensitive on the body. If you are going to use a pleasure potion, this is a great way to do it. It is generally assumed that when using cannabis oil on your genitalia, it will only have a local effect. But in the same way you can taste garlic in your mouth when you hold it in the closed palm of your hand, we believe our pleasure potions impact your entire system energetically and sensually. Enough said. We are blending you the perfect combination of plant magick for your sex magick. Our CBD lube is created with potent extracts that will act quickly and effectively on your tissues for pleasure, play and sexploration.
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